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  1. Google’s Eric Schmidt Calls For Civilian Drone Regulation

    Yes, THAT Eric Schmidt is worried about privacy: "How would you feel if your neighbor went over and bought a commercial observation drone that they can launch from their backyard. It just flies over your house all day. How would you feel about it?"

  2. Twitter Patents Itself

    Twitter has been recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as an invention. The applicants are listed as Jack Dorsey and Christopher Isaac, alias Biz Stone, and the patent application now approved pretty much describes Twitter.

  3. Twitter Turns 7: Now With 200 Million Active Users

    Twitter turned 7 years old today. The social network now has 200 million active users – up from 140 million active users last year. More than 400 million of the 140-characters tweets are sent every day – up from 340 million last year.

  4. Google Flight Search Touches Down in Europe

    People in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands now have access to Google Flight Search, its airline flight comparison service. However, there are some big names missing, including some of the more budget airlines.

  5. Why & How Google Hands Over Users' Data to Governments

    When Google is able to, it notifies users that someone has come knocking for their information – whether it's search query history, Gmail messages, documents, photos, or YouTube videos – giving them time to prepare a legal response.

  6. Google Faces Safari Tracking Lawsuit in UK

    Twelve plaintiffs have banded together in the UK to file a lawsuit against Google, which could open Google to damage payments – not just for the 12, but for anyone else with an iPhone who used Google via the Safari browser.

  7. Bird Got the Word: Hashtag is Word of the Year

    The hashtag, or '#', is a regular feature on Twitter and is making its way into the daily conversations of people who actually say things like "hashtag: awkward" out loud. No wonder then that it is "word of the year".

  8. Apple Return Policy a Popular Search After Christmas

    A lot of dissatisfied people looked up the words "returns policy" in association with Apple on Christmas Day. Apple's returns policy was the most popular search among all companies on the holiday, according to market research firm Experian.

  9. FTC: Mobile App Developers Still Failing to Protect Kids

    The FTC has issued a report on software apps that criticizes their trampling of the privacy of children The report, "Mobile Apps for Kids: Disclosures Still Not Making the Grade", is the second on the subject – and like nearly all sequels, it's bad.

  10. Visiting Australia? Apple Maps May Kill You, Police Warn

    Travelers visiting parts of Australia are being urged not to rely on Apple Maps to guide them. The warning comes from the Victoria Police and follows a couple of incidents where people have got lost and could have died from heat or exposure.

  11. Google Warns of Germany Copyright Law Changes

    Google has launched a website called "Verteidige dein netz" or Defend your network, to warn people in Germany about proposed changes to German law, specifically the Copyright Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  12. Baby Girl Named Hashtag

    A baby girl has been born and given the name Hashtag. Hashtag may prove to be a nice trendy name for a young lady as we slide deeper into the 21st century. Or it may not. Regardless, we can't wait for #Jameson to compose her first tweet.

  13. Press Release Fuels Google Acquisition Hoax

    A press release posted to PRWeb announced Google's acquisition of a wireless Internet provider for $400 million. One giant problem: it was a hoax. The story was reported on by the Associated Press and numerous technology publications.