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Dave Neal

Dave Neal

Dave Neal is a reporter at The INQUIRER. Previously he worked at, VNUnet, and IT Week in editor and journalist roles.

He started his career when the Y2K bug was a front page story and remains committed to covering the interesting world of technology news.

He left the world of office working four years ago and now represents The INQUIRER from home in Kent with his dog.

Dave has been quoted in papers including the London Metro.

Articles by Dave Neal

  1. Bing Launches Search Removal Request Form in Europe

    Microsoft's search engine Bing has finally responded to the recent European Court of Justice "right to be forgotten" ruling. Bing has created a form for people to use who want embarrassing things written about them to be removed from search results.

  2. Google Now Calculates Bitcoin Prices in Search Results

    How much is a Bitcoin worth today? Now Google can tell you. The search giant has added a Bitcoin calculation tool to its search results for certain queries such as "Price of BTC" or "Bitcoin price". Bing added a Bitcoin convertor in February.

  3. Yahoo Hopes to Raise $4 Million by Selling 500 Domains

    Over time Yahoo built up quite a portfolio of domain names, and it is now ready to part with some of them. Most interesting is The auction started today and runs for a week. Yahoo is calling the event Domainapalooza.

  4. Google Faces $400K Fine in France Over Privacy Policy

    Google has not responded in a timely manner to the French data protection authority's demand that it make changes, and will now face sanctions in the form of a fine of more than $400,000. Google maintains their policy respects European laws.

  5. Google Street View Takes You Into CERN

    "We're delighted that CERN opened its doors to Google Maps Street View allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to take a peek into its laboratories, control centers and its myriad underground tunnels housing cutting-edge experiments," said Google.

  6. New MPAA Report Blames Google, Search Engines for Piracy

    The report found that three-quarters of respondents admitted using search engines as a route to their plundered content and that 58% of searches were generic hunts without any pirate tinged keywords. The majority of queries (82%) came from Google.

  7. New Yahoo Logo Revealed

    Yahoo has finally unveiled the logo that it spent 30 days counting down to releasing. Its new logo, designed over on weekend this summer, isn't dissimilar to previous Yahoo logos. It has a slightly slimmer font and retains the exclamation mark.

  8. Bing Adds Pop-Up Child Abuse Warnings to UK Searchers

    Bing has added a pop-up warning that will appear when someone is about view images of child abuse. Searchers who are almost upon such content will see a message that says, "Warning! Child abuse is illegal," and links them to help and advice.