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Shaun Nichols

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  1. Google Reveals Argentina, South Korea Investigations

    In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Google revealed it is the subject of probes in both Argentina (over Google's search and advertising business) and South Korea (over Google's mobile and advertising business).

  2. Zuckerberg's Deal-Making Forcing Facebook IPO Delay?

    A series of acquisitions, including buying Instagram and patents to defend against Yahoo, have occupied the attention of founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Executives reportedly have been unable to devote the time necessary to prepare for the launch.

  3. Google Drive Cloud Service to Launch This Tuesday?

    Google is reportedly set to launch its much-anticipated Drive online storage service as early as this coming Tuesday. The company plans a service which will support both desktop and mobile platforms and will offer users 5GB of free storage space.

  4. Gmail Down for an Hour, Now Restored

    Google's Gmail users experienced a Gfail today. Google moved quickly to adjust its Gmail systems after a disruption left some of its users unable to access email for longer than an hour. The issue is now believed to have been fully resolved.

  5. Google Won't Release New Android Tablet Before July

    Google has reportedly delayed the release of its branded Android tablet until July of this year. Company sources report that the company had originally planned to debut the device in May, but concerns over pricing have delayed the release date.

  6. Larry Page Delivers 2012 'State of Google' Address

    The Google co-founder said in his 2012 Update from the CEO report that the company would be looking to improve Google's search results while integrating the platform with Google's other services, including the Google+ social network.

  7. Facebook Warns: Don't Share Passwords With Employers

    Following public outcry over reports that companies have been asking employees to hand over login credentials in order to scan their profiles, Facebook has advised against handing password information to current or prospective employers.

  8. It's Official: Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Patents

    The suit alleges that Facebook features, including the News Feed and video content ads, are based on Yahoo patents for social networking and online advertising. The suit also alleges that Facebook is violating Yahoo patents preventing click fraud.

  9. Yelp Stock Jumps by 64 percent in IPO

    Local search and user-generated review site Yelp has become the latest technology firm to surge onto the stock market. The company yesterday closed out its IPO with its stock price up nearly 64 percent eight years after its founding.

  10. Google Accused of Tracking Safari Users

    A report says Google was ignoring settings on Safari intended to block tracking tools. Google platforms were reportedly able to log user activity on both the OS X and iOS versions of the browser. Google says the report "mischaracterizes" the issue.

  11. Verified Accounts Launch for Facebook VIPs

    Facebook has unveiled an authenticated account system which will target accounts of celebrities and popular figures with a large number of subscribers. Account owners can authenticate their identities by submitting a government issued ID.