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  1. Facebook Removing Fake Likes

    The social network said that it has increased its use of automated tools which can detect and remove fraudulent "Likes". Facebook's effort will include the use of updated security components which can better identify suspect behavior.

  2. Apple Plans to Drop Native YouTube App From iOS 6

    Google purge continues in Cupertino. Apple will drop the stand-alone version of the YouTube video player from its iOS mobile platform. The company confirmed that beta versions of iOS 6 would be the first not to include a native YouTube app.

  3. YouTube Now Lets You Blur Faces in Videos

    YouTube has added the ability for users to blur the faces of people appearing in videos they upload to the site. The feature is designed to protect the anonymity of individuals in potentially dangerous situations, such as anti-government protests.

  4. Google CEO Larry Page Returns to Work After Illness

    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that CEO and co-founder Larry Page returned to work last week following an unspecified illness and is doing much better. "Larry ran the meeting. He is talking, but talking softly," Schmidt said.

  5. Google+ for iPad Arrives in App Store

    Google has rolled out an update for the iPad version of its Google+ client software. The company said that the update would allow iOS users to see the improvements to the social network which Google introduced on Android last month.

  6. Google Sends Oracle $4 Million Legal Bill

    In a court filing, Google has asked that Oracle pay costs including printing and copy fees, compensation for expert appointments and filing fees for both printed and electronic excerpts over the course of the Android patent infringement case.

  7. Sheryl Sandberg Joins Facebook Board of Directors

    The company said that Sandberg would be taking on the role in addition to her current duties as chief operating officer of the social networking giant. The former Google VP will be the first woman to hold a board position at Facebook.

  8. Switzerland Relaxes Rules for Google Street View

    A Swiss court has relaxed the privacy and anonymization requirements being placed on Google's Street View service. Google won't need to guarantee 100 percent accuracy when blurring out the faces of individuals who appear in Street View images.

  9. Google Buys Quickoffice to Bolster Google Apps

    Google has acquired London-based mobile productivity firm Quickoffice in a bid to bolster its Apps platform. The company said that it had completed its purchase of the mobile document editing tool maker for an undisclosed sum.

  10. Google Didn't Infringe on Oracle Patents, Jury Finds

    The ruling brings an end to second phase in the ongoing battle over Android's use of Java code. Oracle had previously won a partial victory on the matter of copyright infringement, though the jury remained split on other elements of the case.

  11. Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Seeks $15 Billion

    Hours before its IPO, Facebook was hit with a $15 billion lawsuit, alleging that the social network knowingly infringed on user privacy when it used browser cookies to track activity. The suit included more than 20 complainants.

  12. Facebook App Center Announced

    Facebook has unveiled plans for its App Center service, which will allow developers to offer their applications to users as both free and paid applications on the iOS and Android mobile platforms, as well as desktop- and web-based applications.

  13. Apple Mapping iOS 6 Future Without Google Maps?

    Apple's upcoming iOS 6 release will be reportedly be headlined by the debut of Apple's own mapping application, replacing the Google Maps application which has been part of the platform since the release of the first iPhone.