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Shaun Nichols

Shaun Nichols

US Correspondent

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Shaun Nichols is the US correspondent for He has been with the company since 2006, originally joining as a news intern at the site's San Francisco offices.

Articles by Shaun Nichols

  1. Google Files for Smartwatch Patent

    The application describes a device that would be placed on a wristband and would include one or more touch displays. The watch would include both clock hardware and a data line, suggesting the device will be capable of connecting to the internet.

  2. You Can Now Get Google Now on iPhone, iPad

    Google is bringing its Now predictive search platform to Apple's mobile operating system as a feature on the new version of Google's Search application for the iPhone and iPad. Users will be able to access Now through the Search app itself.

  3. Eric Schmidt to Sell Google Stock Worth $2.5 Billion

    In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Google said that Schmidt would be selling 3.2 million shares of Google stock - more than 40 percent of the 7.6 million shares of Class A and Class B stock controlled by Schmidt.

  4. YouTube Readying Premium Service Launch?

    YouTube is reportedly working with a group of channel producers on a platform that will allow channels to charge users to access to the channels by paying fees ranging from $1 to $5 each month, as well as one-time pay-per-view video purchases.

  5. Yahoo Grows Search Revenues, Paid Clicks, Profits

    Quarterly search revenues climbed by 4 percent year-on-year, while paid clicks climbed by 11 percent over the same period. Yahoo's display ad revenue was down and the total number of ads sold dropped compared to the same period in 2011.

  6. YouTube Takes Flight Aboard Virgin America Airlines

    Google has signed a deal to provide in-flight YouTube videos on Virgin America airlines. The company said that it had agreed to provide videos from several popular series as part of the airline's in-flight entertainment package.

  7. Twitter Outlines Copyright & DMCA Policy

    Twitter has posted a set of guidelines designed to help users understand how it handles copyright takedown requests. The company said that the page will provide clear insight into the company's handling of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

  8. Google Android Now Powers 3 in 4 Smartphones

    Google's Android platform has reached record worldwide sales numbers, according to analysts. Research firm IDC said that the Google mobile operating system is the first to surpass 100 million quarterly shipments in a single quarter.

  9. Facebook Tests Collections Feature for Retailers

    A new Facebook wishlist-type feature improves businesses' ability to advertise products targeted at user interests. Facebook Collections allows users to tag and group products, which can then then be browsed by friends or linked to purchase pages.

  10. Google Brings Street View to Mobile Browsers

    Google has updated the mobile version of its Maps application, which will allow users to access the Street View function on iOS devices. The mapping tool will offer Street View as an optional presentation method alongside the traditional Maps layout.

  11. Google Chrome Adds Do Not Track Option

    The company said that the feature, which is still in being tested, would be available as part of the latest 'Canary' build of the Chromium. The feature could be included into the general release build of Chrome by the end of the year.

  12. Google Acquires VirusTotal Security Tool

    Google has bought web-based security tool developer VirusTotal. Google will continue to maintain the VirusTotal online malware scanning tool and the VirusTotal team will operate as an independent entity. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.