Jennifer Johnstone

Jennifer Johnstone

Associate Director of Biddable Media

Piston, a LEWIS Company

Jennifer Johnstone is associate director of biddable media at Piston, a LEWIS Company.

Jennifer’s passion is helping brands scale their businesses through search and biddable media, while delivering a highly relevant experience for the customer.

Interviews with Jennifer relating to digital thought-leadership can be found in many industry blogs, including the DoubleClick Search Blog, DoubleClick for Advertisers Blog, Google Shopping Blog, Google Thinks Insights Blog, AdWords Agency Blog and the Yahoo Advertising Blog.

Articles by Jennifer Johnstone

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As search professionals, we all know that measuring our campaigns is the first key to developing a strong and competitive presence in search. However, there should be a difference in how you measure top line performance for your brand vs. your non-brand search efforts.

Hot Holiday Tips and Tricks


While for many the holidays mean cozying up with hot chocolate, singing holiday tunes by a warm fireplace, or spending time with family and friends – for those in e-commerce, Q4 means planning, budgeting, reporting, and good ole’ quality time with their co-workers.

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Landing page testing should be near the top of your list of optimization techniques. Here's how to use DoubleClick Search to learn how users are reacting to your landing pages and tweak those pages to increase conversion rates in a few simple steps.

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Which conversion types best suit your business? Google now offers conversion types for nearly every business model, making it easier to attain your goals that much faster. Learn all about the many types of conversions you should be tracking and why.