Larry Marine

Larry Marine

Principal, UX Design

Intuitive Design

You would be hard-pressed to find another UX designer with the education, experience, and successes as Larry Marine. After earning his Cognitive Science degree from Dr. Don Norman, the father of usability, Larry went on to create highly successful designs including Proflowers, FedEx Printing, and Vanguard Mutual Funds. He is an invited speaker at various design conferences and earns great reviews for presenting leading edge UX design processes and tips. He is a constant contributor to various design groups on the LinkedIn and, though his perspective is quite different than most, he regularly receives likes for many of his insights.

Larry formed Intuitive Design, a product design consultancy, almost 25 years ago to provide UX and usability services to a broad range of domains including medical devices, enterprise software, websites, and mobile platforms. His designs now dominate many of his clients' markets. Blind luck can lead to 1 success, 2 may be a coincidence, but when you've created as many $100M+ designs as Larry has, there's more to it than just luck.

Articles by Larry Marine

Just What Is UX Design Thinking?


Design thinking, and more specifically UX design thinking, is a pervasive perspective, whereby I constantly critique the world for design flaws that promote incorrect behaviors. Conversely, UCD is just a methodology for creating usable designs.

When Do You Add UX to Your Design?

UX Salt and Pepper

It's not so much if you add user experience to your process, but when you add UX that makes the most impact. The key to success is focusing on solving a problem from the users' perspective, instead of the marketing or technology perspectives.

Is Your Website Bass Ackwards?

Ass Backwards

Good UX design means you must understand the user's desired outcome, find the most emotionally charged aspect of the process, and then leverage that emotional investment early in the process to compel the user to complete the rest of the tasks.

The 4 A's of Killer Conversions

Awareness Attention Attraction Action

Understanding the 4 A's of visitor awareness can produce the same phenomenal conversion rates enjoyed by the top converting sites. Here's how to transition your visitors through the 4 A's of conversion: Awareness, Attention, Attraction, and Action.

The 4 Levels of UX Design

Under the Hood

Knowing a few key things about strategy and tactics makes all the difference between designing a struggling website and a successful one. These examples and tips illustrate successful approaches to UX design that you can apply to your site.