Liz Rutgersson

Liz Rutgersson

Head of RTB


Liz Rutgersson is Head of RTB at London-based PPC, RTB and Analytics agency, Periscopix. Liz has been working in digital marketing for six years.

She moved to London from the U.S. in 2006 and started her career running PPC campaigns for a small e-commerce company. She moved back to the U.S. for a stint at a luxury gym chain running their nationwide PPC campaigns in house.

Returning to London in 2009, Liz joined Periscopix and worked as a Senior Account Manager on key accounts in the financial, entertainment and travel industries. When Periscopix expanded to the Real Time Bidding space, Liz started up the display team which now manages accounts for a range of companies in the UK and worldwide.

Articles by Liz Rutgersson

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