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Imelda Khoo

Imelda Khoo

E-Marketing Manager


Imelda Khoo is the E-Marketing Manager at Tektronix, responsible for global SEO, PPC and social media. Imelda blogs at SEM Booty.

Articles by Imelda Khoo

  1. Managing Your Google Reputation - SES San Francisco

    We are almost at the finish line, but there are still a few more sessions to go so hang in there with me. Next up we have Trackur's Andy Beal (Trackur) going solo. I follow Andy on Twitter. Andy is the Indiana Jones of reputation management....

  2. Search Marketing Toolbox - SES San Francisco

    Everyone needs a good tool. So are you ready to hear about the latest and greatest? Me too. I actually changed sessions to be here today after Alex sold me on his toolbox at Schmoozefest yesterday. Anyway, we have Simon Heseltine (AOL Inc.)...

  3. Developing Great Content - SES San Francisco

    Are you still with me, or have you run off for cocktails? Don't sneak away just yet. We've got Mr. Greg Jarboe moderating a beautiful panel of speakers: Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), Heather Lloyd-Martin (SuccessWorks), Michael DeHaven (Bazaarvoice),...