Rachel Pasqua

Rachel Pasqua

Independent Digital Strategist

Mobile, Social, Ambient

Rachel Pasqua is a digital strategist, author, speaker, and consultant with expertise in mobile, social, and real-time marketing. She collaborates with NYC-based design studio Token as a strategic partner, developing new concepts for responsive web experiences, mobile apps, wearable technology, and gestural interfaces.

From 2005 to early 2013, she founded and managed the mobile group at iCrossing, a global marketing agency owned by Hearst and has held executive roles at Organic and several other digital agencies.

Rachel is a well-known industry analyst, speaking at numerous events including the Mobile Marketing Forum, AdTech, eMetrics, and Digiday and served as a judge for the 2010 Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual.

She writes about digital innovation on her personal blog www.rachelpasqua.com and Mobile: An Hour a Day and is co-author, with Noah Elkin, of books "Mobile Marketing: An Hour a Day" published by Wiley Sybex in December 2012 and the upcoming "The Responsive Brand", slated for publication in early 2014.

Articles by Rachel Pasqua

The Biggest Mobile Trends and Stories of 2013


Mobile once again experienced huge growth. Google forced us to go all-in. And social machines and wearables (smartwatches, Google Glass) have entered the realm of reality. We take a look back at these and more of the biggest mobile stories of 2013.

Leap Motion and the Future of Gestural Search

Tom Cruise in Minority Report

When the Leap Motion Controller debuted, response was lukewarm at best. But there's little doubt that once the functionality is there, the developer community will explode with ideas and many of these will be search-centric in nature.

9 Points to Ponder About the New iPhone 5S/5C

Apple iPhone

The 5S and 5C sold more than 9 million units on opening weekend, so rumors of Apple’s demise clearly have been exaggerated. Let’s look at nine points to ponder about the new iPhone, both pros and cons, and what they might mean for us consumers.

Google Now: Taking the Search Out of Search


In a world filled with distractions, an effortless user experience is becoming a more desirable quality. Google is working to create the most effortless experience ¬– one that proactively delivers information before you even think to search for it.