Erin Everhart

Erin Everhart

SEO Manager

The Home Depot

Erin Everhart is an experienced digital strategist, content developer and search marketer. She's currently an SEO Manager for The Home Depot and has previously worked agency-side for mid-sized business and Fortune 500 companies. She speaks regularly on digital strategy, content development and inbound marketing at conferences nationwide, including Pubcon, SMX and ClickZ Live.

Articles by Erin Everhart

3 Ways to Help Prioritize Your SEO Efforts

Want Need Must Have

On any given day, you're prioritizing keywords, tactics, outreach, clients, meetings, and even metrics. Prioritization can be a game changer. The most successful SEOs are the ones who've mastered it. Here's how you can, too.

4 Ways to Make Sure You Find the Right SEO Job

Career jigsaw

Finding a new job is a two-way street. It's a marriage. The decision to work together is just as much the job seekers' as it is the employer's, Before you say yes to your first offer, here are some things to look for when evaluating your next gig.

5 Ways to Have Killer Content in 2014

Stitch Fix Halloween Email

Content will continue to be a key part of SEO in 2014. But your strategy has to adapt to your users if you're going to keep up. Here are five ways to make sure your content will sustain in the New Year and move you past your competitors.

5 Key Takeaways from SES Chicago 2013

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Did you know every $1 invested in UX testing yields a $100 return? And that every piece of content should have at least three uses? Read on for more details on these plus more awesome SES Chicago 2013 takeaways to help improve your marketing now.

Technical SEO for Nontechnical People


While you may not be able to personally fix technical SEO issues, knowing what to look for and how to fix it – and having a developer handy to implement it – is critical. Here are the basics behind what you need to look out for with technical SEO.

9 Interview Questions to Ask Your SEO Hires


Good talent is nearly impossible to find, especially in SEO where far too many people can talk the theory but come up dumbfounded when it comes to the execution. Ask these questions of applicants to separate the good talkers from the good talent.