Marie Haynes

Marie Haynes


HIS Web Marketing

Marie Haynes is the founder of HIS Web Marketing. She is experienced in unnatural link penalty removal. She has written a book on the process she uses, which you can find at

Articles by Marie Haynes

Is Link-Building Dead?


Is it OK to ask a webmaster to link to me? Or is that an unnatural link? A look at the state of link-building in the SEO community.

Is That Directory Link Unnatural?


If you are doing a backlink audit and trying to remove or disavow unnatural links, this article should help you when it comes to making decisions about links from directories.

Are All Sitewide Links Unnatural?

Lots of Links

While sitewide links can be unnatural, they can also be really good links! Here's how you can evaluate sitewide links pointing to your site and determine whether it's a good link or if you should try to remove or disavow these links.

8 Reasons Your Reconsideration Request Will Fail


Google has made the process of applying for reconsideration of a site very difficult. If you're one of the unlucky ones struggling to get a penalty removed, here are eight common mistakes to avoid to ensure your reconsideration request succeeds.

Google Reconsideration Request Guidelines & Example


Writing an awesome reconsideration request is critical when you're attempting to get an unnatural links penalty removed by Google. Get on the path to recovery by following these tips, and see one example of a reconsideration request that worked.