Salma Jafri

Salma Jafri


Salma Jafri runs – a content marketing firm specializing in creating cohesive and integrated blogging, social and online video content strategies. Her work centers on demystifying content marketing tips and techniques for entrepreneurs and small businesses and helping them achieve more with less.

In the past Salma has worked as a content manager for an e-learning firm and as a marketing consultant at Deloitte & Touché.

Articles by Salma Jafri

5 Content Marketing Myths That Need to Die

content marketing is...

Content marketing is easy, doesn't take much time, can be automated, is inexpensive, and can be handled by an intern, right? Wrong! If you're a brand thinking of investing in content marketing, don't fall for any of these misconceptions.

How to Focus & Amplify Your Personal Brand


If you've completed all the SEO basics of personal branding and set up your Google authorship tags properly it's time to move on to some big hits that will really get you noticed. Here's some inspiration, strategies and people you can learn from.