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Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Google Analytics Analyst

Wiggle Ltd

Focusing on Google Analytics at Wiggle, an ecommerce bike shop, means Anna stays on top of the latest analytics developments and is always working to gain more insights and take action on the data to improve success. With 5 years experience of SEO and PPC, including three years at Koozai, Anna understands the benefits of using analytics for marketing as well as business decisions. With a passion for data and getting results, Anna is always digging through the finer details to get the very best from every website.

As someone who is always looking to help others and share her knowledge, she has spoken at a number of leading search marketing conferences, including SMX London, BrightonSEO, and Think Visibility. Anna has written tutorials and filmed videos for the Koozai blog and Koozai TV and writes for SEO Chicks.

Articles by Anna Lewis

  1. How to Use the Google Analytics Event Tracking Report

    Using Event tracking to measure interaction and conversions on your website is beneficial for getting a better understanding of how your users engage with the content and features of your website in a much more advanced way than standard reports.

  2. How to Use Google Analytics Site Search Reports

    If your website has a search bar, you need to ensure you’re making the most of this valuable report in Google Analytics. It’s quick to set up and can soon be giving you all sorts of insights and ideas that you may never have had without it.

  3. Why You Need to Use the Google Analytics AdWords Report

    The Google Analytics AdWords reports are vital for helping you make data-driven decisions about PPC. Get the full picture on bidding, keywords, search queries, and much more. Learn all the details about what reports are available and what they do.

  4. How to Use Google Analytics Campaign Reports

    Promoting a website? You'll be interested in seeing where your traffic comes from then. This post is here to take you through the campaign reports in details – allowing you to take control of your website's data and improve your results.

  5. What You Can Learn From Google Analytics Mobile Reports

    The Google Analytics mobile reports will help you understand which devices people are using to view your website, let you compare conversions completed across devices, and view important data such as operating systems and screen resolution.

  6. How to Use the Google Analytics New vs Returning Report

    Google Analytics provides a helpful report called New vs Returning. This post will explain all about what this data is, when to use it and how to get the most from it. With this data you can start to understand your users a whole lot better!

  7. How to Navigate the Google Analytics Location Report

    Does your website target users in a specific location or around the world? Businesses of all sizes can gain valuable insights from Google Analytics location reports. Here are the top uses of this data, from beginner right through to advanced level.

  8. Measuring Your Link Building with Google Analytics

    Learn how to use Advanced Segments to your advantage, Multi-Channel Funnels for improved attribution figures, campaign tagging for easier analysis, and how to easily use the API for exporting and combining data. Plus: a free custom report.