Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone

Vice President of Strategy


Lisa Barone is Vice President of Strategy at Overit where she serves on the senior staff overseeing the company’s marketing, social media and content divisions. Known internationally for creating many of the best practices and strategies for social media, Lisa works with clients to create unified, mixed-media marketing strategies.

Articles by Lisa Barone

How to Prepare for Your Content Audit

Valuable Original Content

Performing a content audit on your website is time-consuming, but also incredibly valuable. It will help you see what content is on your site, how well it's optimized, and necessary next steps for better usability, loyalty, and search visibility.

A True Integrated Marketing Framework


Integrated campaigns are stronger. They are more effective, give us clearer data points, allow for more creativity, and bring greater ROI for client and agency. Here's a framework to help make your agency or work more integrated.

8 Video Types to Add to Your Content Marketing


With so many different ways to incorporate video into your content marketing, there's no excuse not to. Here are eight video production types and how they can be used to increase awareness, build lead generation, and establish trust with customers.

Matching Content to the Customer Life Cycle

Monarch Life Cycle

By understanding who your audience is, you're able to offer them a targeted message. While your personas and triggers may vary slightly, here are common distinctions in the consumer buying cycle and specific content types that work well for each.

4 Ways to Make Video Astronomically Better


It isn't enough to incorporate video into your brand. You don't want just any video. You want great video. Video that will set you apart. Use these tips to help you not only get your feet wet in the world of online video, but to take it further.

Putting a Spring in Your Marketing Step

Spring Fever

Your brand is as organic as the seasons. With proper care and attention, it will bloom and grow to be larger and stronger than ever. But it may not do so well left to its own devices without proper care and maintenance. Don't let that happen.