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Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Founder & CTO


Larry Kim is the founder and CTO of WordStream, provider of the 20 Minute PPC Work Week and AdWords Grader.

Articles by Larry Kim

  1. BuzzSumo: The Heavyweight of Content Discovery?

    BuzzSumo trawls the web for content based on search queries, and provides you with lots of interesting data based on your results. Here's why BuzzSumo is such an awesome tool and why you should make it a part of your Internet marketing arsenal.

  2. News Flash: Paid Search Query Data Isn't Going Away (Duh)

    Yes, Google is removing queries from the referrer on ad clicks, but this story has been overblown. You can still see your paid search queries, and major third-party platforms won't be impacted. Here's everything you need to know about this issue.

  3. Google Says: Use AdWords Ad Extensions, Or Else

    Google announced this week that they’d rolled out an update to their AdWords Ad Rank algorithm, factoring the use of ad extensions into their ad placement and cost per click decisions. What does this mean for marketers using AdWords?