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Allison Peltz

Allison Peltz

Director, Social Media Strategist


Allison Peltz, Director, Social Media Strategist at Rosetta, has an intense passion for all things social media. She has 7 years of consumer public relations and social media experience ranging from concepting and executing experiential events to developing relationships with top tier mom/foodie blogger relations programs to community management on various social platforms.

Allison has developed and implemented social media programs for CPG brands, including Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Nestle Family, Lean Pockets, Troy-Bilt and other MTD Brands.

Articles by Allison Peltz

  1. 5 New & Improved Twitter Features Marketers Should Use

    Twitter has updated profile pages, introduced direct response ads, beefed up its amplify program, now makes engaging tweets appear larger, and has introduced a video collage. Here are a few brands that are making the most of the collage capability.

  2. How Brands Can Connect With Teens Using Social Media

    Teenagers can be a fickle group. Brands that win with teens stay ahead of the curve and are present on the platforms where their audience is, delivering stellar and engaging content to connect with them on a one-to-one level. Here are some examples.

  3. 3 Social Lessons for Brands From the Super Bowl Blackout

    The Big Game has come and gone. While most people are talking about their favorite or least favorite commercials, the real show stopper wasn’t the ads or the half time show. The real event took place during the 32 minutes that the stadium went dark.