John Gagnon

John Gagnon

Bing Ads Evangelist


John Gagnon is a Bing Ads Evangelist (aka “search nerd”) at Microsoft. He has worked for both Bing Ads and Google AdWords, and is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences such as SES, SMX, and others. He has advised hundreds of clients ranging from Microsoft teams like Windows and Internet Explorer to small businesses like local garage door repair shops just getting started.

Articles by John Gagnon

PPC Budget Strategy 101


Here's how to simplify the components of driving more business, and a look at how we can control those pieces to maximize impact in order to get more leads for the same spend.

Bing Ads 2014 Recap


In the past year, Bing has added features like product ads, auto-tagging and online insertion orders to make it easier to advertise on the network.

Financial Services PPC Ads: Words That Work [Study]

Financial Institutions Ad Performance Heatmap All Devices

Researchers at Bing Ads recently took a close look at word choices in financial services search ads to see if there were specific terms that got more clicks than others – and to see if this varied according to device. Here are those findings.

Break-Even CPC & Simple Landing Page Testing

Break-Even CPC

Optimizing your conversion rate is so important because it drives bid. Your bid helps determine your position, or your profitability. Here's how you can improve your landing pages, and then reinvest gains into your PPC strategy.