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Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong

Director of Marketing


As the Director of Marketing at HasOffers, Jennifer’s primary focus is to develop clear strategy, brilliant marketers, and customer success. As a marketer for marketers, she fully understands the challenges that marketers face every day. She is an advocate for bridging the offline and online gap and across desktop and mobile platforms so that marketers can understand the full value of their performance marketing campaigns. Jennifer is a frequent contributor to industry publications and conference speaker, and received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington.

Articles by Jennifer Wong

  1. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    The basic task of marketing is to deliver better results when achieving a particular goal, whether it be better SEO, brand awareness, conversions, or in-store purchases. When targeting consumers across devices, it is important to evaluate whether...

  2. Why Users Delete Your Mobile App

    Mobile customers are intolerant and fickle. Making users aware of your app can be competitive and expensive, so don't put out apps that are slow, freeze, or kill batteries. Unless you don't mind losing thousands or millions of dollars in revenue?

  3. Pros & Cons of the Top Mobile App Tracking Methods

    Ad tracking and attribution are key considerations for app marketers. Several tracking solutions are on the market, and each one employs very different approaches. Here are the pros and cons of the top mobile tracking methods.

  4. Promoted Tweets: Is a Picture Worth 350% More Clicks?

    A recent photo in a tweet vs. no photo in a tweet experiment revealed that a linked photo results in 120 percent increase in engagement and 350 percent increase in clicks. Maximize the photos in your Twitter campaigns with these five tips.

  5. Twitter Ads: Are You Wasting Money on Mobile?

    A recent desktop vs. mobile device experiment revealed that targeting mobile devices results in a 60% lower conversion rate and a 160% increase in cost per acquisition. Check out the layout, data, and results from the device targeting experiment.