Chuck Price

Chuck Price

Founder & President

Measurable SEO

Chuck Price is Founder & President of Measurable SEO, a full service internet marketing company based in Albany NY, serving clients worldwide. Prior to MSEO, he co-founded Blue Frog Advertising, an agency specializing in innovative link building. Chuck also spent 5 years as COO at We Build Pages aka Internet Marketing Ninjas, heading up business development. He began his online marketing career as an affiliate marketer in 2002.

Articles by Chuck Price

Using Kickstarter for SEO: a case study


Kickstarter is an internet phenomenon, launching countless projects and products over the past few years. The site occupies a lot of Google real estate, with more than 845,000 keywords appearing in the top 100 Google organic search results.

Gaming Google in 2015


Is gaming Google a suitable exercise to effectively engage with SEO and optimize a website's search ranking results? Here's why this strategy still has value in 2015.

The Myth of the Penguin "Penalty"


I’m constantly amazed by the amount of confusion and misunderstanding that surrounds Penguin. I’m equally surprised at some of the conclusions drawn by people regarding the steps necessary to get on the right side of the algorithm.

Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?


Let's cut to the chase: Of course SEO is still worth it. If you have been having trouble determining what to spend, here are some calculations to help you develop a budget.

Links, FUD, and Webmaster Guidelines


There’s a lot of bad information floating around the Web pertaining to link-building. Even on the official Google webmaster forums. You owe it to yourself to read and understand the link scheme section of the webmaster guidelines.

The 10 Best Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google

No Google

Rather than worry about losing or never having Google organic search traffic, plan for it. You can't rely on a single traffic source for business. You need multiple streams of traffic as insurance against the inevitable search algorithm changes.