Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca Murtagh


Karner Blue Marketing

Rebecca Murtagh is a veteran marketer who became a technical marketer, innovator and leader in the digital space in the 1990’s. Rebecca is passionate about helping organizations leverage emerging trends, best practices and proven methods to achieve their goals. After working for a publisher, an agency, new media firm, a publicly traded company, privately owned companies and several start-ups, Rebecca founded Karner Blue Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing firm in 2001.

Rebecca has driven website, ecommerce, social media, SEO, digital marketing strategy and integrated campaigns for organizations from Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups, and everything in-between.

Author of the book “Million Dollar Websites”, Rebecca is a recognized thought leader who shares her insights and expertise as a consultant, conference speaker, workshop presenter and corporate trainer on all things digital. She has spoken at PubCon, Web 2.0, Digital World Expo, PRSA, XLPharma, and numerous other industry-specific annual conferences and conventions. Rebecca has been an expert judge for DFW Interactive Marketing Association, Web Marketing Association’s Annual Web Awards since 2003, and Internet Marketing Awards since 2005. She has been a guest lecturer at various undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities, and has mentored numerous marketing interns over the years.

Articles by Rebecca Murtagh

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