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Jayson DeMers

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  1. 8 Findings on Google’s 7-Result SERPs [Study]

    In August, Google began showing three less results for certain searches. Was this due to branded searches? Or sitelinks? SEOMoz investigated Google’s search results, in an attempt to figure out why certain queries return only seven results.

  2. Google Reveals New Details on Link Disavow Tool

    A Google search quality engineer has shared three interesting bits of advice for webmasters and SEO professionals: Which links should you focus on? Does disavow data hurt website rankings? And should you use the site-wide disavow functionality?

  3. 5 Ways to Use Craigslist for SEO

    Have you ever thought about using Craigslist for SEO? Craigslist is full of people who need something. Follow this outline to creatively take advantage of some simple tactics which will help you improve your organic search rankings.