Susan Waldes

Susan Waldes

Senior Manager, Client Services

PPC Associates

Susan Waldes has worked in the search engine marketing industry since 1999; she joined PPC Associates in August 2011 after serving as the in-house SEM manager for ecommerce retailer ivgStores. Susan has handled a multitude of lead generation, branding, and eCommerce clients in her previous roles at ROI Revolution and Rockett Interactive and as an independent SEM consultant. Susan has a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. Susan has contributed insights about SEM and client relationships to our in-house blog and other highly regarded outlets, including

Articles by Susan Waldes

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Forecasting goals, targets, and budgets for coming months or quarters is neither easy nor quick, but you must get your forecasts as accurate as possible to make sure you and your client can agree on reasonable targets. Here’s how.

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