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Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk

Head of SEO


Rich Kirk runs the SEO team at Performics' European Hub office in London. His team specializes in large pan-European SEO projects and works with brands like Chevrolet, Twinings and Reckitt Benckiser. Under his leadership, Performics were awarded best SEO campaign at last week's UK Search Awards. In his previous guise as a PPC marketer he won Best Use of Search at the 2010 B2B Marketing Awards.

Articles by Richard Kirk

  1. Google Makes Non-Desktop SEO an Absolute Necessity

    Google has announced that failure to fix annoying mobile experiences will now actively hinder your efforts to rank well within search results. This warning from Google makes the case for brands to look again at mobile SEO even more compelling.

  2. 800 Best SEO Posts of the Last 4 Years

    Have you ever thought which of SEO and marketing websites statistically provides the best content? Or if what people on these sites write about ever really changes? The sunsetting of Google Reader forced me to find out whose content really is king.

  3. SEO Recruitment Tips For Employers & Candidates

    Recruitment is a make-or-break activity for SEO teams. Recruit the right person, you’re golden! Here’s how employers can find a great SEO without paying a “search recruitment consultant” and tips for junior/mid-level SEO pros looking to move up.

  4. End Dirty SEO Keyword Research Now!

    Keyword research is hugely important. The success of your entire SEO engagement depends on getting this piece of work right. Is yours the best it can be? Here’s how to make your keyword research totally awesome, without losing the will to live.