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Adria Saracino

Adria Saracino

Head of Outreach


Adria Saracino is the Head of Outreach at Distilled, an internet marketing agency. When not consulting on content strategy or leading her team of outreach warriors, you can find her writing about style on her personal fashion blog, The Emerald Closet.

Articles by Adria Saracino

  1. 3 Places to Source Data Beyond Google Analytics

    Google Analytics provides invaluable tools that help us make sense of data. But multiple non-Google platforms provide opportunities to gain important insights. Here are three tools to help you make sense of data and develop responsive strategies.

  2. How to Manage an Effective Outreach Team

    Managing an outreach team can be daunting. Effective outreach is only as good as its management. With these ideas and tips, you should be able to lead a team that consistently kills it in outreach and brings long-term benefit to your business.

  3. Why Bloggers Aren't Interested in Your Brand

    There are three killers when your outreach team is pitching: if your content doesn't offer bloggers (and their readers) what they want; if your brand doesn't align with the blog's subject matter, or if your brand doesn't look qualified on a topic.

  4. The Quick Guide to Developing Customer Personas

    In order to develop successful persona profiles, you need to know where to get the information and the right questions to ask. Here’s all the information you need to gather about your customers' behavior to create detailed customer personas.

  5. How to Master Working With Bloggers

    Bloggers require a very specific type of outreach. As gatekeepers, your pitch and/or deliverable must cater to their interests. These tips will help you understand what motivates bloggers and persuade them so your pitch makes the cut.

  6. If You're Only Measuring Links, You're Wasting Time

    SEO is so much more than just acquiring links. Our industry is infested with executives evaluating SEO performance based on link numbers, but links don't tell the whole story. Here’s what links really tell you and what you should be measuring.