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Ben Plomion

Ben Plomion

VP of Marketing & Partnerships


Ben is VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Chango, where he heads up marketing and is also responsible for expanding the company’s data and media partnerships. Prior to joining Chango, Ben worked with GE Capital for four years to establish and lead the digital media practice. This led to the development of GE Capital’s digital value proposition and its execution worldwide. The new venture re-energized paid, owned and earned media across 70+ web sites.

Ben graduated from GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership program after completing his MBA at McGill University. Before GE, Ben held a variety of Marketing & Business Development roles in the e-payments industry, while working at Gemalto in London. Ben writes frequently for Digiday, and Search Engine Watch.

Articles by Ben Plomion

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    Search retargeting became one of the fastest growing retargeting techniques in 2012. If you haven’t started yet, here’s an overview of what search retargeting involves, why it’s important, and how you can jump on this opportunity right now.

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    The notion that Google owns all the data is just one of a number of myths about search data. Google is just one piece in the puzzle we build to help our clients target consumers with the ads they actually want to see.