Will Lin

Will Lin


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Will Lin is a programmer and an SEM veteran. As a programmer, he is the author of a popular Excel macro tool called DigDB. He also co-founded Nabble.com, a large online community site. As an experienced SEM professional, Will started tinkering with Overture and Google before there was a name for the field of search engine marketing. He has a long track record of driving amazing results for clients large and small.

Articles by Will Lin

The Fallacy of Ad Testing

Test Tubes

Ad copy testing is one of the staples of good SEM agencies. "Test and test often" is a bit of wisdom you'll hear over and over in the field. But do you know exactly what you're testing? Can you really trust the results? In most cases, no, you can't.

How & Why to Measure PPC Account Health


Are you wasting marketing dollars on queries that never convert? It’s time to find out. After conducting a good search account audit to determine how much improvement you can target, here’s how you can decrease your CPA and increase volume.