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Christina Zila

Christina Zila

Director of Communications


Christina Zila is the Director of Communications for Textbroker, where she manages all external communications for the content creation company, including blogs, newsletters, trade shows, speaking engagements and public relations. She has been with Textbroker since 2009, was the first U.S. employee of the company, and grew the Las Vegas office to 19 people before focusing exclusively on communications.

At Textbroker, Christina has worked closely with some of the leading e-commerce, SEO, domain management, shopping, and online travel companies, advising them on content creation and strategy. Christina has done extensive public speaking, interviews, and conferences related to online marketing.

Previous to Textbroker, Christina was in the public relations department of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, where she established the Chamber’s social media presence among other duties. In that and previous roles, she handled public relations,business to business marketing and social media strategies.

Articles by Christina Zila

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