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Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine Sandler

Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Jasmine Sandler is a veteran in online marketing. She has over 15 years client experience in helping companies, both large and small, use the web to develop and grow business. Miss Sandler has provided interactive solutions for such clients as: Citibank, ISO, Diamonds International, Doublerock Corporation, Loews Hotels, CityLights Cruises, and hundreds of small businesses and start-ups.

Miss Sandler has expertise in the areas of using LinkedIn to grow business, B2B social media marketing strategy, search marketing strategies for sustainable online visibility, website effectiveness for user engagement, and digital strategies for small businesses. She is a published author of "Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way," available on Amazon and in paperback.

Jasmine is a frequent speaker for The Association of Strategic Marketing, The Association of Ghostwriters, Search Engine Strategies, Small Business Technology, and New York Business Expo. Miss Sandler is a contributing monthly writer for, Search Engine Watch, The New York Enterprise Report, and LinkedIn Original Content.

Jasmine is CEO and founder of Agent-cy Online Marketing, an online branding agency in NYC with a team in digital strategy, web design and development, search marketing strategy and management, social media marketing, and online PR.

Miss Sandler provides LinkedIn Corporate Training and individual executive work as well as digital planning as a consultant to enterprise level organizations globally. Her consulting work and published content can be found at

Miss Sandler holds a dual MBA in Marketing and Technology from the University of Miami and is a very active supporter of LinkedIn and runs several business owner groups on the site. Prior to developing a career in web marketing, she held the position of Director of Managed Data Networking Sales at IBM Global Services for a period of seven years.

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