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Naver Optimization: 5 Best Practices

Naver SERP Explained

If your global audience is on Naver, it's time to start thinking of the Korean search engine as a viable publisher for your brand. While Naver optimization is a complex venture, the following tips can help you claim and build a presence on Naver.

Cyber Monday Optimization Checklist

Indexed Google Search Queries for Free Shipping Q4 2012

You can still implement these tips to ready your website, drive more visibility, and connect with your target consumer in time for Cyber Monday 2013 and claim your share of the estimated $82 billion that will be spent in online holiday shopping.

4 Google Carousel Optimization Tips

Hotels Near Disneyland

Google Carousel presents a new opportunity to appear at the top of the search results, but with it also comes some new best practices. Here's a look at how Google's Carousel works, its impact on industries, some tips on images, and how to optimize.

5 Pillars of a Successful Modern Web Design


The SEO practices you implement in site design that optimize for search engines should be invisible. Modern day web design success requires a multi-function, multi-skilled approached to ensure maximum impact for your business. Balance is key.

How to Forecast the Future Value of SEO in 7 Steps


Developing a discipline of forecasting and using that information to focus on the most attractive value opportunities in the competitive field of SEO puts you, as an agency, independent specialist, or brand ahead of your business competition.