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Jim Yu

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Mobile Site Configuration 101: How to Choose

Smartphone Share of  Organic Searches

If you aren't doing mobile, your site will be left behind in the search results. Here's how to decide which type of configuration to use for your mobile site (responsive, dynamic, or redirection to mobile URLs) and avoid common obstacles.

5 Ways to Sell SEO to Your CMO


Are for ready for the tough questions about your organic search plans? Be well prepared with data points and projections that speak to the goals that matter to different decision-makers, using this five-point data-driven decision plan.

Making Sense of Big Data in Search Marketing

Unlocking Big Data

Big data doesn't have to be big and scary if you have simple elements in place. The challenge is harnessing it in a meaningful way. The secret to making big data work for you is in knowing which data sources matter and when to exclude data.