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Google Shopping: 3 Lies Merchants Have Been Fed


Be careful when you're researching how to add products on Google Shopping, as many resources contain merchant best practices that are counter to Google Shopping Product Listing Ads best practices. Here are the top three lies, and the truth.

Google Shopping: Why PLAs Aren't So Bad for Merchants


While there are definitely some disadvantages to the new Google Shopping set up, there are some really amazing opportunities for merchants. Here are a few reasons why Google Shopping is good for merchants and how retailers can best take advantage.

Google Shopping Holiday Update for Merchants


In the last two weeks Google has added updates to their new paid Google Shopping program to further improve the search experience. Here’s a quick look at the new shopping features, so you can quickly continue with your holiday festivities.

4 Google Product Listing Ads Tips for Q4


More than 100,000 retailers have stuck around to play in Google’s new product-based CPC advertising channel. If you’re one of these retailers, then the following tips and best practices for Product Listing Ads campaigns heading into Q4 are for you.