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  1. Twitter Now Lets Advertisers Geotarget Promoted Tweets

    Twitter has announced an advertising tool that will allow companies to target tweets at specific users. Advertisers can now tweet at users based on their geographic location or whether they access the site using mobile devices or personal computers.

  2. Google Faces $22.5 Million Fine for Safari Tracking

    Google is expected to pay a $22.5 million fine – the largest ever imposed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission – in relation to the discovery that Google used special code to get around the Safari browser's built-in privacy controls to track users.

  3. Bing Maps Adds Thousands of Venues

    Aided by Nokia, Bing has added thousands of "Venues" to its mapping offerings to help users in North America, Europe, and Asia find and navigate shopping malls, airports, convention centers, museums, parks, racecourses, racetracks, and stadiums.

  4. Google Introduces Chrome, Drive for iOS

    Day two of the Googles I/O conference in San Francisco saw the introduction of Google Chrome and Drive apps for iOS devices. Google showcased the apps latest features and showed what Google software looks like on an Apple device during the show.

  5. Facebook Email Address Change Incites Backlash

    Facebook has begun changing all users' default contact details to a email address without asking for their permission beforehand, it has been uncovered, a move which has sparked a backlash from its social networkers.