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Matt Kapko

Matt Kapko

Matt Kapko has been writing about mobile since 2006, before it became cool. Based in Long Beach, CA, he has covered mobile entertainment, digital media, marketing, and advertising for several business media outlets. A former editor and reporter for RCR Wireless News, paidContent, and iMedia Connection, Matt is a regular freelance reporter for ClickZ. You can follow Matt on Twitter at @MattKapko or drop him a line at [email protected]

Articles by Matt Kapko

  1. Google Brings TrueView Video Ads to Online Games

    Google is bringing skippable video ads to online games. Calling TrueView ads among its most successful, Google is now supporting the in-stream ads for game publishers on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AdSense for games, and select publishers on AdMob.

  2. Facebook's Mobile Surge: Ad Revenues Double

    How important is mobile to Facebook? Consider this: mobile ads represented about 41 percent of the company's advertising revenue and mobile usage accounted for 71 percent of monthly active users (MAUs) during its latest quarter.

  3. Facebook Graph Search Expands to More U.S. Users

    Nearly six months after introducing Graph Search as a more natural, real-time search capability for social media, Facebook is taking the training wheels off and releasing the feature to all English-speaking users in the U.S. over the coming weeks.

  4. Yahoo Debuts New Ad Format in News Stream

    Yahoo's front-page news stream now displays personalized ads alongside news articles and other features. Stream Ads will have a similar look and feel to the news articles that will share space with the ads on Yahoo's home page.

  5. Facebook Reports $1.46 Billion in Q1 2013 Revenue

    Facebook's ad products delivered $1.25 billion, or 85 percent, of total revenue during the quarter while payments carried the remainder, lifting the company's net income to $219 million. Total advertising revenue grew 43 percent year-over-year.

  6. Facebook Welcomes Home, A New Social Phone for Android

    The Facebook phone will arrive on April 12, giving the social network giant a new window into its users' mobile habits and a more consistent, always-on connection for members of the Facebook community. Search won't be exclusive to any one provider

  7. LinkedIn Launches Video Ads

    Video ads are coming to LinkedIn. The professional-focused social networking site announced that its LinkedIn Ads platform is now capable of delivering 300x250 video ad units for advertisers. Ads can be bought as pay per view and pay per click.