David Jaeger

David Jaeger

Director of SEM

National Positions

David Jaeger is the Director of SEM at National Positions, a large internet marketing company with over 1,000 clients. The National Positions SEM team has experience quickly and significantly increasing revenue and return on ad spend for many small and medium size businesses.

Articles by David Jaeger

5 Tips to Take PPC Ad Testing to the Next Level

Test Tubes

Looking to supercharge your ads and get more clicks? Google AdWords Campaign Experiments, dummy ads, audience messaging, AdWords labels, and testing in low volume campaigns all offer opportunities to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Are You Making Any of These 5 Ad Testing Mistakes?


PPC allows you to easily split test ads. The ease of split testing can lead people astray, leading them to pause the better ad and use the under-performing ad. Here’s how to avoid choosing the wrong ad, losing market share, and paying higher CPCs.

Anatomy of a Successful PPC Ad


Five key ad copy elements will affect your prospects’ decision to click through on your ad, and then once on your page to convert. Optimize these ad copy elements to increase market share, make more money, and decrease your cost per acquisition.