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How to Implement a Tiered PPC Bidding Strategy

Average Position and Average Quality Score

When set up properly a combination of all match types can help you cover the ground needed to drive high quality, relevant traffic to your site. But in order to get optimal performance, you need to make sure a tiered bidding strategy is utilized.

How to Build Links Like an Engineer


Developing a program that involves multiple channels can be complicated. When approaching your ultimate outcome of generating links, taking an engineer's approach can help you create a link building campaign that will yield optimal results.

5 Signs You Need a New PPC Agency


During the sales process, agencies often use their A-team to present their pitches. But after signing on with an agency to run your SEM campaigns, you might begin to feel that you have the D-team running your campaigns. Here's what to watch out for.

9 Most Misleading PPC Metrics


While impression share, time on site, average CPC, average position, conversion rate, CTR, first page bids, and quality scores are all important metrics, when looked at individually, they can actually cause you to make misinformed decisions.

Targeting the Over 65 With PPC


Targeting individuals online who are over age 65 is no easy task, but we’re now entering an area of opportunity with this market. As the Baby Boomers continue to grow older, it presents a unique targeting opportunity for marketing through PPC.

The 16 SEM Managers You’ll Meet During Your Career


During your career, you’ll likely connect with many other marketers. Whether through social media, meet-ups, or conferences, expect to meet some interesting characters – the oversharers, the over-reactors, the mad scientists, the egos, and more!

Mobile App Marketing Guidelines


Acquiring downloads and installs of a mobile app isn’t easy. There are millions of apps available on iTunes and Google Play, but thankfully there are many options to utilize media spend to acquire downloads and to help your application stick out.

Advanced Channel Sequencing


Each marketing channel – video, PPC, display and social – can play multiple roles throughout the customer acquisition process. Understanding how each channel can help you acquire a new customer is essential to a successful marketing strategy.

Innovative Retargeting Tactics


The following uses of retargeting allow you to target potential customers based on their interactions with your content, social media profiles, or even other relevant websites. Here are a few smart ways marketers can place a retargeting pixel.