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Justin Freid

Justin Freid

Vice President of Emerging Media

CMI Media

Justin Freid is the Vice President of Emerging Media at CMI Media, a pharmaceutical advertising agency. Justin helps his clients develop and implement strategies to interact with potential customers online. You can learn more about Justin by visiting

Articles by Justin Freid

  1. Improved Targeting Available for Bing

    As Google continues to take more and more flexibility and targeting options away from its users, Bing has taken the opposite approach, providing more options for its end user.

  2. How to Properly Analyze Ad Text Performance

    When setting up a paid search campaign, proper structure is essential for success. By not looking at the data from a holistic point of view, you may end up in a situation where you are making decisions off of non-statistically significant data.

  3. Black Box Paid Search Ads Showing on Right Rail

    Many pharmaceutical companies that market black box drugs have been very cautious with their advertising efforts. Until last week, black box paid search ads did not appear on the right rail. How will this change affect pharma marketers?

  4. How Should You Charge For SEM?

    By having an understanding of what goes into a new account, you can choose a pricing model that fits your needs the best. Here are five of the most popular pricing models that are being used by freelance SEM managers and large agencies.

  5. How to Implement a Tiered PPC Bidding Strategy

    When set up properly a combination of all match types can help you cover the ground needed to drive high quality, relevant traffic to your site. But in order to get optimal performance, you need to make sure a tiered bidding strategy is utilized.

  6. Facebook Launches New Retargeting Capabilities

    New retargeting options are coming to Facebook that won't force you to go through FBX (Facebook Ad Exchange). Advertisers will now be able to manage retargeting programs directly through Facebook's interface instead of DSPs.

  7. How to Build Links Like an Engineer

    Developing a program that involves multiple channels can be complicated. When approaching your ultimate outcome of generating links, taking an engineer's approach can help you create a link building campaign that will yield optimal results.

  8. 5 Signs You Need a New PPC Agency

    During the sales process, agencies often use their A-team to present their pitches. But after signing on with an agency to run your SEM campaigns, you might begin to feel that you have the D-team running your campaigns. Here's what to watch out for.

  9. 9 Most Misleading PPC Metrics

    While impression share, time on site, average CPC, average position, conversion rate, CTR, first page bids, and quality scores are all important metrics, when looked at individually, they can actually cause you to make misinformed decisions.

  10. New Technology Enables One-to-One Mobile Targeting

    The mobile device is the single device that follows a person around at all times. Targeting capabilities in the mobile space are still limited but a new platform by a company called 4Info has opened up tremendous possibilities for advertisers.