Simon Penson

Simon Penson

Managing Director

Zazzle Media

Simon started life as a journalist and magazine editor before turning his attentions to the world of online audience creation instead and has owned and run his own sites as well as founding content led digital marketing agency Zazzle Media, which specialises in content marketing and strategy. He writes regularly for a number of influential digital marketing blogs and also speaks at key industry events.

Articles by Simon Penson

5 Things We've Learned From Google's New War on Links

Percent of Suspect Links Post-Recovery

Is Google taking a less tolerant stance on "spam"? Which link types are most often classified as "unnatural"? How much can exact match anchor text tactics hurt your site? Here are some conclusions and top takeaways based on recent real world work.

How the Semantic Web Changes Everything for Search

What will the weather be like on Saturday Google SERP

The semantic web will present numerous challenges for search marketers, but by acting now you can soften the impact and actually take advantage of the opportunity it presents. Here's how to work now to prepare for that eventual shift.

Mining Social Data to Create a Content Strategy


You can apply a smorgasbord of social data – from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and tools – in your strategic work to inform decision-making. But one of the most useful, and relevant currently, is in helping steer content ideas and strategy.