Suren Ter-Saakov

Suren Ter-Saakov



Suren Ter-Saakov had his hand in SEO long before it ever became what it is today. As the COO of the SEOquake Team, he continues to utilize his extensive search engine knowledge to help develop tools that serve those who make their living online.

The SEOquake Team is behind an ever-expanding suite of popular SEO/SEM tools, including the SEOquake toolbar and the competitive intelligence and keyword research tool, SEMrush. Ter-Saakov has invaluable insight into just how search engines work, how to best analyze the data they provide, and how to implement that data into effective ad campaigns and optimization strategies. He and his colleagues at SEOquake are ever striving to increase the power and scope of their tools, while simultaneously formulating new ones that will further benefit the SEO/SEM community.

Articles by Suren Ter-Saakov

March Madness = Search and AdWords Madness?


Another year of busted brackets, bets runs rampant, and anxious fans glued to NCAA college basketball action is in the books. So how did searches for each team and for the event as a whole change for the duration of the March Madness season?

Top News Events of 2012 & Resulting PPC Trends


Facebook’s IPO, the London Olympics, the U.S. presidential elections and the iPhone 5 were hot topics this year. We take a trip back in time to compare data and decipher how and why search habits and trends may have changed or stayed the same.

A Very Revealing Look at Paid Facebook Ads


With the use of social media outlets as a trend for personal, business, and other uses, Facebook PPC ads are a noteworthy promotion method all-around. Exploring the foundation of these ads can be extremely revealing regardless of your industry.

How Internal Data Can Cause External Damage


Using just one source of statistics to make business decisions is like driving a car with only one eye open. A company that only uses a single stream of data to make decisions can lose millions in revenue and allow other companies to profit.