Lisa Raehsler

Lisa Raehsler

Founder, SEM Strategy Consultant,

Big Click Co.

Articles by Lisa Raehsler

5 Kickin’ New Google AdWords Features to Try


Google AdWords has introduced a whirlwind of updates and new features for advertisers and PPC managers to experiment with, including upgraded sitelinks, new keyword and display planners, ad group mobile bid adjustments and an upgrade center.

Be A PPC Leader in 2013: 5 Top Trends


People are always looking to the future marketing trends for new possibilities, opportunities, and growth potential. But don’t just be a follower! Be ahead of the trends in PPC for 2013. Here are five top trends to strongly consider implementing.

6 Super Time-Saving Tips to AdWords PPC Management


It’s the busiest time of year. Somewhere in between scoring online deals and 2013 planning, the AdWords account is screaming for attention. Hey, bids don’t manage themselves. Or do they? Check out these time-saving tips for Google AdWords PPC.

Hardcore PPC Tactics at #Pubcon


The Hardcore PPC Tactics session at PubCon promised to share cutting edge PPC techniques and explain innovative PPC tactics that you can implement to further your online marketing presence and increase the odds of overall success.

New Competitive Facebook Reporting Tool Available


SEMrush has released a new Facebook PPC reporting tool. They describe the tool as more comprehensive than others on the market that are “only be able to provide details of likes and shares.” Here’s a closer look at what it can offer you.

Setting up PPC Campaigns


Starting your own PPC campaign and want to know how to get everything set up for optimal efficiency? What is the best approach to starting PPC? We take a look at the three core planning factors that will determine your approach to account set up.