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  1. Instagram to Start Sharing Data with Facebook in January

    Instagram updated its privacy policy today, revealing that it will soon start sharing data with Facebook. To go into effect from 16 January, Instagram's new privacy policy reveals that the company will start sharing data with Facebook.

  2. Google's iPhone Maps Quest Nearing End?

    Google is nearly ready to release Google Maps for iOS. Google has distributed a test version of its new Google Maps for iOS app, and is "putting the finishing touches" on it before submitting it to iTunes App Store, according to a news report.

  3. Google Rolls Out Massive Street View Update

    Google started rolling out its biggest update to Street View ever, updating 250,000 miles of roads. It's even available on iOs 6. In addition to updating hundreds of thousands of miles of roads, Google has doubled its special collections.

  4. Google Maps App Won't be Found on iPhones Anytime Soon

    Eric Schmidt says Google "hasn't done anything yet" with regards to developing a Google Maps app for IOS 6. Schmidt said he hopes Google will remain Apple's search partner on the iPhone, but he didn't sound too optimistic that this will happen.

  5. Are Google Maps Staffers Being Tempted by Apple?

    Apple is reportedly seeking employees that have experience working on Google Maps, after it became apparent last week that its own Maps app on IOS 6 just doesn't cut it against the competition. Apple's Maps app has been panned as a failure thus far.

  6. Google+ Now Has Custom URLs for Pages, Profiles

    Google has only made the feature available to large brands and verified celebrities so far. Still, the feature that will soon be rolled-out to all Google+ users enables users to personalise, and shorten, their URLs on Google's social network.

  7. Google Seeks Ban on iPhone, iPad in Patent Lawsuit

    Google's Motorola Mobility division is reportedly claiming that Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad, infringe seven of its patents, including location reminders, email notifications, video players and Apple's Siri voice assistant feature.

  8. Jelly Bean Statue Arrives at Googleplex

    Google has confirmed that the next iteration of its mobile operating system will be known as Android Jelly Bean by unveiling a statue at its headquarters campus in Mountain View, California. Android Jelly Bean is expected to launch as version 4.1.