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YouTube to Add Offline Viewing to Mobile Apps


At the moment to view videos on YouTube on a mobile device, you have to be connected to some sort of internet connection. That will change in November however, with Youtube revealing plans to add a new offline mode to its applications.

Google Maps Adds Real-Time Traffic Alerts

Accident Reported via Waze

Google Maps users will now benefit from real-time incident reports from Waze users, such as accidents, road closures, and speed camera alerts. The Waze app for iOS and Android will be getting Google Search, Street View and satellite images.

Google Waze Buy Faces Antitrust Review

Waze crowdsourcing navigation app logo

Iit's unlikely the FTC will conclude that Google's Waze buyout will significant harm other mapping services such as Bing Maps and Tomtom. But the FTC will consider whether Google is buying Waze to eliminate a potential future competitor.

Porn Comes to Google Glass, is Quickly Banned

Google Glass is now available in the UK for 1000

Google moved swiftly to get rid of the first pornographic app created for Google Glass. This was followed by a quick tweak to its Glass Platform Developer Polices to ensure that no more porn makes its way onto its augmented reality spectacles.

Google Launches Paid Music Streaming Service


Google Play Music All Access allows users to browse tunes by genre, with options also available to look through popular and local tracks. It also boasts a feature similar to Apple's Genius tool, designed to help users find new music.