Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce

Director of Operations

Link Fish Media, Inc.

Julie Joyce has been working in the field of SEO since 2002 and is the owner of and Director of Operations for Link Fish Media, Inc., a link building company based in Greensboro, N.C., that specializes in creating custom link building campaigns for clients in ultra-competitive niches. She is also a founding member of the SEO Chicks and Avant Greensboro.

Articles by Julie Joyce

How To Hire A Great Link Builder


Customer service experience and excellent communication skills are the first things this columnist looks for in a new link builder, even more than lots of past link building experience.

Building Links to Your "About Us" Page


One of the most critical parts of your site, the "About Us" page, is oftentimes neglected when it comes to generating links. However, with its potential to sell your site to a visitor, it may be worth paying a bit more attention to these days.

Link Building for Gaming Companies

CallofDuty Twitter

Developing links for gaming companies is a lot of fun. But it's an extremely competitive area. Here's how to get great links from loads of content possibilities, social media, and an exceptionally passionate, loyal, and very Internet-savvy audience.

Link Building for Real Estate Websites

ListingSelfie Berkshire Hathaway

Professional home stagers transform homes into showrooms. To get more links to your real estate website and attract more traffic, you also need to stage it. Here are tips on how to optimize your site so it's more appealing to prospective linkers.

Link Building for Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide


The restaurant industry is absolutely perfectly primed for creative marketing ideas. These link building recipes are ripe for you to use to fit your level of creativity – and the great thing about them is that they're all low-cost or free.

How Link Building Changed in 2013


Google rolled out several algorithmic updates and other significant changes, and there was much discussion around penalties and disavowing links. Through it all, links remain incredibly important, and link building won't be going away any time soon.

How to Use Images in Your Link Building Campaigns

Funny Cat

You should make images a part of your link campaigns. Here are some tips on what make a good image (and a bad image), some publishing guidelines, where to find images, how to use them legally and responsibly, and a couple helpful photo tools.