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Lee Bell

Lee Bell


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Lee joined as a reporter on The INQUIRER in April 2012.

Prior to working at The INQUIRER, Lee was sponsored by the NCTJ to do a multimedia journalism course in London. After completing placements at local magazines and newspapers in both print and online he wrote for an online gaming news website, and it was here where his love for technology grew.

Lee's main coverage areas include processors, internet security, PCs, laptops and tablet news and reviews.

Articles by Lee Bell

  1. Google Overhauls YouTube Comments Using Google+

    YouTube comments that are more relevant will move to the top of the comments list instead of the most recent. Google said this means that comments from people you care about will rise so you can see them and there will be no more anonymous comments.

  2. Google Overhauls Android Maps App

    Google has given its Android Maps application a makeover. The update includes an overhauled interface with new discovery features that allow users to quickly browse and discover new places without having to type, and enhanced navigation features.

  3. Google Glass eBay Auction Hits $90,000 Before Being Removed

    The augmented reality eyewear yesterday turned up on auction website eBay. The listing reached $90,100.00 after receiving 28 bids, but was canceled due to Google's terms and conditions, which state that Google Glass can't be resold once obtained.

  4. Pinterest Redesigns Site, Adds 3 More Features

    Pinboard-style social network Pinterest has had a makeover, with fresh features and a simpler and cleaner design. Invitations have already been sent out for users to try the revamped website, which was tested by a small group of "pinners" in January.

  5. Digg Plans to Build RSS Reader to Replace Google Reader

    Digg hopes to identify and rebuild the best of Google Reader's features, but also advance them to fit "the Internet of 2013", such as integrating it into social networks and communities like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Hacker News.

  6. Google Glass Ban Gets Bar Big Publicity

    A "dive bar" in Seattle has banned the augmented reality spectacles to preserve privacy. The bar's owner responded to angry Facebook commenters, arguing that the original post was "mostly humorous" and told them to "get a sense of humor".

  7. New Look Facebook News Feed to Debut March 7

    Invitations have been sent out summoning media to "see a new look for News Feed" at an event this coming Thursday starting at 10 a.m. PT at the Facebook's headquartersin Menlo Park. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce the changes.

  8. Twitter Tweaks Search Features in App Update

    Twitter's updated mobile app for iOS and Android aims to improve search and discovery. It brings improved search features to the app and web, and shows photo and video results at the top of search results, including new tailored ranking.

  9. Google Passes Microsoft to Become 2nd Largest Tech Company

    Some analysts think the news is related to a shift from Microsoft's dominated PC industry, where users relied on software running on desktop machines, to software delivered by the Internet that allows users to access information via mobile devices.