Alastair Stevenson

Alastair Stevenson

Alastair has worked as a reporter covering security and mobile issues at V3 since March 2012. Before entering the field of journalism Alastair had worked in numerous industries as both a freelance copy writer and artist.

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Articles by Alastair Stevenson

Hacker Selling Yahoo Mail Exploit for $700

Yahoo campus sign

A hacker is selling what is claimed to be a zero-day exploit that will let criminals hijack control of Yahoo Mail users' accounts. The hacker, known as TheHell, posted a video marketing a $700 exploit kit on the secretive Darkode cybercrime market.

Google Hiring Privacy Red Team

google logo headquarters sign search engine seo

Google has begun hiring for a crack team of data experts – code named Red Team – to help resolve privacy complaints, following the $22.5 million fine it had to pay the Federal Trade Commission after issues relating to the Safari browser.

Yahoo Says Goodbye to Ross Levinsohn

Yahoo logo

Levinsohn's time at Yahoo is over. The former interim CEO will receive the severance payments outlined in his 2010 offer letter. He will also receive an equity award of 67,000 redistricted stock units and 250,000 stock options worth over $5 million.

Google Denies Microsoft's Android Botnet Report

Google Android Malware

Google lashed out at Microsoft researcher Terry Zink, claiming there is no evidence to support his warning that a new botnet is forcing infected Android phones to churn out spam. Google said the spam messages were stemming from PCs, not smartphones.

Google Updates Search App for iPhone, iPad


Google has released a new version of its iPhone search app, boasting a revamped interface, full screen image searches and improved search speeds. The update makes app pages load faster and autocomplete search suggestions appear more quickly.