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4 Reasons to Spend More on SEO

ROI Return on Investment

Most small businesses run very close to the margin and traditionally resist increasing their SEO budget, no matter the consequences. While SEO will is becoming more difficult and expensive to execute, the ROI remains high for small business.

Small Business SEO Tactics: Risk vs. Security

Time Money Quality

SEO is currently in a "flight to quality". This is what most columnists and bloggers mean by the "new" SEO. Sure, it's similar to the old SEO, but now there's a greater emphasis on quality and avoiding excessive, large-scale, low-quality SEO tactics.

Google Doubletalk and the Three Bears


Small business owners who want to succeed in SEO should embrace diversity, moderation and consistency to avoid the extremes. The trick is to do real SEO that will last. And they must ignore silver bullets as they represent fairy tale thinking.

Creative SEO Tip: Newsjacking


Newsjacking, a type of content marketing, places the emphasis on breaking news events rather than how-tos or technical information and rides the wave of existing demand to get well-earned backlinks and branded mentions. Use it to your advantage.

What is SEO Cocitation?


There has always been evidence that words on pages linking to a website (contextual phrases) are influential, but many SEOs see the importance of co-occurrence, or semantic similarity, increasing in Google's algorithm. Learn the basic concepts here.

4 SEO Tasks Small Businesses Must Do Every Month


Many small business websites do on-site SEO poorly or not at all, which means less rankings, search traffics, potential customers, and business. These steps will start you on a path toward regular, high-quality, content creation and promotion.

7 Small Business SEO Tips


Google’s updates are frequent and the rules of the game do shift, but the major elements of onsite SEO and backlinks have been the fuel for better rankings for years. Follow these tips to earn better rankings and build a community around your brand.

How to Avoid Hiring a Bad SEM Vendor


Buying search engine marketing services can be tricky in the best of circumstances given how new and complicated the industry is. Here’s how a small business owner can figure out the difference between a good SEM proposal and a crappy one.

5 Reasons Small Business Should Love Local SEO


Many small business owners are still quite intimidated by online marketing. The rules change quickly and the barriers to entry can appear high. Local SEO is an obvious choice for any small business who wants an easy path online.

5 Small Business SEO Campaign ROI Secrets

Top secret envelope

With an intense focus on the mechanics of SEO, small businesses often lack discipline when evaluating the success of an SEO program. Make sure you have proper ROI parameters are in place and don’t overlook these key marketing components.

How to Google-Proof Your Small Business SEM Strategy


For small business owners, a spate of changes from Google has brought anything but stability. In addition to diversifying your marketing tactics, you’ll also want to embrace social media and focus on the user experience. Here’s how to do it.