Krista LaRiviere

Krista LaRiviere

Co-Founder & CEO

gShift Labs

Krista LaRiviere is the co-founder and CEO of gShift Labs, a web presence optimization company. She blogs and speaks about SEO and the importance of social media, public relations, and press releases to SEO. Her team has helped hundreds of organizations get control of their entire web presence in order to rank higher organically in the search engines. She believes that marketers should have control over their SEO campaigns just like they have control over email marketing and paid search.

Articles by Krista LaRiviere

Time for a New Definition of SEO


SEO in the digital marketing mix is here to stay. Standardizing a definition of SEO will help buyers better understand the importance of it, the reason for committing to it, and the short- and long-term impact an SEO strategy has on a web presence.

SEO Reporting & Metrics: How to Prove Progress


How do you set up your SEO data, metrics, and reporting to prove progress and set the stage for the subsequent month? How do you set up your team for success? Follow these four steps with month-end reporting in mind for more successful SEO outcomes.

SEO & Keywords: Think Conversions, Not Rankings


Don't fixate on keyword position. Focusing on the discovery of highly-converting keywords beginning with the sales and marketing conversations through delivery and reporting will produce stronger SEO results over the long term and happier clients.

10 SEO Truths of 2012 for Agencies & In-House Teams


In a constantly changing world where Google updates its algorithm on a daily basis and your competitors continue to optimize their web presence, the importance of SEO in the digital marketing mix remains unchanged and unchallenged. Here's why.

The Five Forces of Keyword Competition


This framework aims to help marketers and SEO professionals easily forecast and understand the competitive intensity and rivalry for a keyword and to also help determine the resources required to improve a web presence and SEO rankings.

The Hierarchy of Web Presence Optimization


This approach to being found organically will help answer two critical questions: how do you know if you’re maximizing your SEO investment given the changes Google has introduced and how you can sell your services and prove value to your clients?