Bonnie Stefanick

Bonnie Stefanick

Senior SEO Analyst

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Bonnie Stefanick is an SEOer at Internet Marketing Ninjas, formerly We Build Pages. Internet Marketing Ninjas is a full service Internet marketing company based in sunny Clifton Park, New York.

Articles by Bonnie Stefanick

Understanding Link-Based Negative SEO

Danger Hazardous Links

Negative SEO is a large concern for webmasters, especially those in competitive niches. Here are some distinctions about types of link-based negative SEO, and some insights and tips on how to protect your site, based on several real world examples.

Responsive Site Redesign: 4 SEO Considerations


If you've decided to go responsive or you're considering a responsive site redesign, there are some issues you'll need to look out for from an SEO standpoint. Don't let above the fold issues, content, internal links, or mobile specifics trip you up.

SEO Content Analysis Using Google Analytics


Since search quality indicators have become an increasingly important factor for search engines, evaluating SEO content performance in search engines using Google Analytics is becoming more important. Use this simple method to gain content insights.

3 Great Methods for Reclaiming Lost Backlinks


Reclaiming old backlinks is the easiest and most efficient link building method you can perform. Learn how you can reclaim backlinks from pages that are down or redirected, are buried in old content, or used to link to you in the past.

Advanced Search Operator Tactics


A better understanding of advanced search commands, will make you more resourceful when doing site auditing, link prospecting, and competitor analysis. Let's explore the most awesome advanced search operators for Google and Bing and how to use them.

4 Ways to Increase Average Order Value

Another Cross Selling Example

Increasing average order value (AOV) is one method that you can use to increase revenue, even during traffic fluctuations. This article will show you four ways that you can increase AOV, with examples, to increase revenue from current traffic.

What to do When Your Split Test Fails

Split Test

A/B/n experiments are the most common type of landing page testing done by small- to mid- size webmasters. But what happens when your split test doesn’t succeed? Here’s what causes experiments to fail and how to gain value from your failures.

How to Get More Clicks in Google's Evolving SERPs

Green Leaf

Recent presentational changes to Google’s search results have affected click-through rates, but you can increase CTRs with a mix of traditional (e.g., optimizing text snippets) and new methods (e.g., Google+, rel="author", and self hosted videos).