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  1. Google Buys Navigation App Waze for $1 Billion

    Google has reached an agreement to acquire navigation app maker Waze in a deal believed to be valued upwards of $1 billion, beating out rivals Facebook and Apple, which were also rumored to be mulling a bid for the startup.

  2. Twitter Launches Keyword Targeting in Timelines

    Twitter's keyword targeting in timelines means advertisers will be able to specify the keywords they wish to initiate a promoted tweet, as well as specifying the geographic location, gender, and client being used, to reach their audience.

  3. Facebook Mobile Ad Revenues Surge, But Profits Slump

    Facebook's fourth quarter results show that around 23 percent of its total fourth quarter advertising revenue ($305 million) came from mobile. Use of its network via mobile devices rocketed by 57 percent as mobile users topped desktop users.

  4. Yahoo to Sell Half of Alibaba Stake for $7.1 Billion

    Yahoo holds a 40 percent stake in Alibaba, but will be able to reduce this by half. The deal also includes provision for a share buy-back plan for Yahoo and a potential IPO by Alibaba. Sale proceeds will be returned to Yahoo shareholders.

  5. Facebook's Instagram Purchase Faces Government Review

    Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing service Instagram is reportedly facing delays of several months, as U.S. regulators probe the deal. As part of the investigation, the Federal Trade Commission has contacted Google and Twitter.

  6. LinkedIn to Buy SlideShare for $120 Million

    Professional social network LinkedIn is to acquire business presentation-sharing site SlideShare, an online storage website for users to share business presentations, for $118.8 million, as it looks to boost its content services.

  7. Facebook Buys 750 IBM Patents to Defend Against Yahoo

    In a move that appears designed to bolster its ability to defend itself against patent-related lawsuits, particularly a recently issued case from rival Yahoo, Facebook has bought 750 patents cover technologies relating to software and networking.

  8. Google Chrome Hacker Wins $60K at Pwnium

    Google has updated its Chrome browser, fixing an issue that was first uncovered at its Pwnium browser hacking contest. A Russian security researcher won $60,000 for demonstrating his exploit at the hackathon solely focused on Chrome hacks.