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Howard Jacobson

Howard Jacobson

Emotional Intelligence & Empathic Inspiration Officer


Articles by Howard Jacobson

  1. 3 Ways Local Small Businesses Can Use PPC

    Local small businesses rarely use Google AdWords to its full potential. AdWords can be a powerful tool to generate instant traffic. You can also test messaging for later use on other advertising platforms and enable remarketing to create branding.

  2. How to Schedule Dayparting on Google AdWords

    All businesses have specific time periods in which they are more profitable than at other times. Here is a guide to ad scheduling so you can daypart your Google AdWords campaigns to generate maximum profits.

  3. How to Know When You Should Advertise to Tablet Users

    Tablet computers are changing the way we search, shop, and play online. To reach and influence your tablet-using prospects, you must understand when, where and how they use the Internet - and adjust your advertising strategies to accommodate them.